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I roughly read this book about 4-5 years ago. It belongs to a series and what I do remember I'm pretty sure isn't from the first book. I believe that the character and/or characters are Native American or American Indian but I really don't know. The time zone really isn't modern and set in maybe an icy setting at least for the scene I remember. Said scene is where the main character is human with elk powers or heritage and is rowing a canoe through a body of water. With the main character is his/her longtime friend who is human with part walrus powers or heritage. The walrus friend is dying as a result (I think) to an altercation with the main antagonist. This is all I can remember. Though vague I think the elk boy may have left his tribe and his walrus friend followed him. The main antagonist threatened their tribe so the elk boy left to get help. This is loosely the story and the above scene is all I can remember. Please help. Anything at all would help. I know, I KNOW (not really) for two of the books that the covers (all around) were orange and purple, respectively.

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Posted by Sand In My Nest on 2017.03.27 at 23:38
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You see things, and you say Why?

Alright, I fully admit this is not a book but all of my friends here are bookish and perhaps can help me anyway. I will absolutely remove this if an admin asks.

I am looking for an NPR audio story I heard twice in June 2016. I thought it was This American Life or Radiolab or even All Things Considered but I have browsed the archives and cannot find the full audio.
The audio included an interview with John Bohannon about his fake chocolate study. It also included information on why the Internet and media spreads false information so quickly. There was a reference to celebrity influence (example mentioned: Beyonce and her detox with cayenne pepper an honey) There was also data on how medical studies are manipulated with a reference to number crushing.

I am desperate to find it again so any help would be incredibly appreciated.

I know, I know--that really narrows it down, right? LOL

I'm pretty sure this takes place in California. It's about a woman who is somewhat reluctant to get married. She's a career woman, in her late 20s or 30s. I think I read this sometime in the last 15-16 years, so it's probably set in the late 1990s or the early 2000s. The only thing I remember clearly is that she bought an Edwardian dress and headpiece as her wedding gown, and that the wedding itself took place in a mansion of some sort.


Can't remember the book

Posted by naomi5222 on 2017.03.16 at 11:26
So the main character is a girl in high school and she talks about her friend from elementary and she would play with her but her parents and the main character moved. The main character is being bullied at school and lives the popular girls boyfriend but then the old best friend shows up and says her dads abusing her so she hides her in her room. The bullies start dying and one day she goes to her tree house and there's a body in it and wrestles the friend and realizes it wAs her and by this time she's dating the boy and he comes and she yells catch her and there was no one. She killed the people and didn't know because the friend was her second personality.


Posted by whyintellectual on 2015.04.03 at 16:14
I would occasionally post about a children's bedtime story book that I had been looking for featuring a story about a donkey on the beach and two children carrying milk to market. I finally just bit the bullet and ordered a book from amazon (used) in the hope sit was the right book. IT WAS!

I'm looking for a book that I would have read about 1990.  I'm not sure how old the book was at the time.  It is an alternate reality book like the Chronicles of Narnia.  As I recall on a dry spot in a swamp the children found a turnstile standing alone.  Walking through the turnstile tool them to the alternate world.  Anything metal they were carrying heated up to burning hot when they went through the turnstile.

In the world there was a king/wizard/sorceror who had taken over and reduced opponents to ash.  There was a flying snake that I recall was flat like a flying carpet so the children could travel that way.

Thanks for your help!

Book suggestion for middle-schooler?

Posted by pantherian on 2015.02.02 at 21:19
Hello, everybody. I was hoping I could get some help in finding a book for a 12 year old girl. I'm trying to get my boyfriends little sister into reading (of course, she thinks it's boring as hell)but she agreed to give it a shot if I could find a good fantasy book.. And when it comes to YA reading, I am at a total loss. She said she likes books that "make you care", or something in the fantasy/sci-fi, or romance genre. As a rule, I refuse to buy her the Twilight series, as I know there are better YA books out there! So if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be so very much appreciated!


Girl meets her monster cousin?

Posted by muriel_weathers on 2015.02.02 at 22:50
A girl goes to stay with her grandmother who tells her that she has free reign of the house just dont go in the basement. The grandmother goes to the store and the girl hears a nouse coning from the basement. She opens the door and a monster of some sort comes out and wants to play tag. It is her cousin Herman. The grandmother comes in and says she told her not to go in the basement and now herman has a friend. It ends with herman chasing her around the house.


Missing mailmen and shrinking house

Posted by muriel_weathers on 2015.01.22 at 12:20
Hi, I am having alot of trouble remembering a story I once read and I was wondering if it might sound familiar to anyone. The story is about a mailman who moves to a new city for a new job. This particular town has had three mailmen in as many months. No one knew what happened to the missing mailmen. The new mailman soon encounters a house on his route that he doesn't want to go near. It is the last house on a dead end street. Every day that he sees the house it appears to be getting smaller and smaller. I remember that he discovers that the mailmen all disappear because of this house. At the end the mailman disappears with the house. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me save my sanity.

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