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I read this book when I was a kid, and I have been trying to remember what it was titled for ages. It was not Freak the Mighty which is where searches usually lead me. This book might have been British, but not necessarily (at some point the young boy protagonist mentions a police officer using snuff from a snuff box and for whatever reason that struck me as British). The boy has a leg brace, and it's clear he was born with something wrong with one leg. He uses metal elbow crutches. At some point his father says something about he and the boy's mother marrying too soon and tying it into the boy's leg issue (which made no sense to the boy or the me as a young reader). The boy befriends, somewhat, a very poor young girl. She and her family don't have furniture and instead use milk crates to sit on. The girl is somewhat dirty, but at the end she and her family end up in some sort of housing--maybe government housing--and the girl talks about her bathroom being painted yellow. There was also some older gentleman in the story, but I don't remember his role. So, see, I have all of these weirdly specific memories of the book, but can't really remember much about the plot and have no idea what it was called. Any clues?

P.S. I was 13 in 1989, and I remember reading this when I was younger than that, so I am guessing the book was written sometime between the 60s and mid 80s.


Children's book about polio?

Posted by flamingophoenix on 2014.06.02 at 20:29
One of my friends told me about a book that sounds interesting! This is all she has for details: "It was about two kids, a boy and a girl, about aged 10 in 1940ish. The cover was yellow. At some point the boy gets polio. It's summer, but the pools get shut down because of the polio. That's all I recall!"

Book Suggestions Please

Posted by whyintellectual on 2014.04.02 at 19:23
A student of mine is interested in writing a sci/fi or fantasy book with the following ideas: sword fighting, technology, futuristic fantasy aspects. He asked me if I knew of any books already like that but science fiction and fantasy are simply not my genre.

I would really like to support him in this endeavor and I have already found a young writers group at a library near his home but I am of no help in finding books that already exist like this. Any ideas?


Help finding two older sci-fi/fantasy novel(s)

Posted by saj_te_gyuhyall on 2014.02.12 at 17:41
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Hi! My mother's birthday is coming up and I'd love to be able to find a copy of one or two of her old favorites that she lost years ago. But it's been so long that I don't know the titles or authors, only some disjointed facts. I'm really hoping someone can help me!

(The following is all I, or my mother, can recall about them.)

The first book I'd like to find is set on another world. The main character is a girl, the Queens daughter. I think her name is Opel (Possibly Opal, but I'm pretty sure it was Opel). The main character has to go on a quest into the wilderness at some point, which is filled with all sorts of nasty things that eat people.The people of the world she is from are sprinkled with a powder that makes them hibernate through the planet's winter months. They have horse/pony creatures with paw-like feet instead of hooves. There are some kind of advanced alien people visiting this world to study it and it's inhabitants, and at one point they take the main character with them to another planet inhabited by feline people that live in trees and create scarves that sing.

The other book, we might have a title for... It's something like 'A Key in Time' or 'A Key out of Time', but the author is unknown. The main character is some type of prisoner, and he has been condemned to die, he thinks. He is placed in this corridor, and the door sealed behind him. When he enters the door on the other end or the hall/corridor, he finds himself in another world. There are a bunch of boxes or containers and when he looks into them, he finds wonderful things. Sorry to be so vague but it's a book my soon to be 64 year old mother read in HS, and has been looking for ever since.


What book is this?

Posted by sassi_25 on 2014.01.28 at 13:59
Hello everyone, I need your help! I admit this may be a long shot but i don't know what else to do. I don't remember the name of the book or the author but the story  went something like this. The main characters was a girl who was made a fool of by a boy in her village, she got pregnant and tried to run away in shame. she was then attacked by a monster who tried to kill her and her child separately to absorb the deaths to gain more power. She was rescued by an older man with a hook for a hand. When he speaks to himself  he refers to himself as "old patroller", their clan has the ability to see people's auras and can heal using it, they also have extremely long life spans.The girl ends up getting married to her rescuer in the end. Anyone recogniseies it?

A Mexican girl is hired by a white family to be a nanny. The girl (Chiquita?) has an interesting time adjusting to upper middle class white people life. She has an accident with a pressure cooker and is severely injured, after which the family has to pay her alot of money. Despite this, she decides to go back to work as a nanny, but for a different, more respectful family.

Hi there, I read this YA book about 5 years ago. It was a new-ish series with only two or three books out. It was about a boy who was training in a buddhist-ish temple (only it's a fantasy novel so it wasn't actually buddhist) and there was a garden with a god in it or something. I remember that for his training he was put in an isolation room and had nothing to do. He ended up making patterns out of apple seeds cos he was so bored. Anyway to pass the test you were meant to ask for help but he didn't give in and therefore failed. It was weird, but cool. The only other thing I remember is that the second book had a character whose name was "wildman" or something similar. Sorry for the random details, I remember it was quite a popular series but just can't remember the title. Thanks in advance! :)

YA UK Mysterious Wounded Girl

Posted by limpingshark on 2013.09.06 at 19:09
Today (6 Sep 2006) was in new area of town to me so did a hit & run of all the YA/Teen/Children Book Sections in the high street charity shops / thrift shops. Bought a book but lost it before got home. Can only recall part of jacket blurb that caught my eye.

A boy goes to a new place possibly a town or school and doesn't think much of it till he meets a mysterious girls who has wounds that get deeper every time he meets her & soon he is drawn into desperate adventure where fate of world/of time depends on him & the girl.

SO frustrating the book sounded way more edgy than nearly anything now & I fixated on the summary to point where author/title/characters ... any useful info is shot. Threw all my buys out on bed & gutted that it not there.

ragi name

YA Girl with Torc book

Posted by vorindi on 2013.08.12 at 10:50
So between 2004 and 2006, my local library had a book set in Roman/Celtic Britain that I read many times and would love to reread, but can no longer find. It was shelved in the YA section and from my memory of where it was, the author was in the first half of the alphabet. The book begins where the main character, a girl whose only remnant of her father is a heavy gold torc, has to leave her home/village for some reason (I think they were either attacked by Romans and she was going off to find her father's people or someone from her father's clan had gone off to find her and her mother). Her father was the former chieftain of his clan, but had died and she was supposed to be his successor (as marked by the torc) but the clan was opposed to this since she hadn't been raised as one of them. Then she helps prevent some attack and they're more accepting. There was also some vague Arthurian connection. It is not Warriors of Alavna by NM Browne, but the time periods are definitely similar.

Found! It's The Legend of Lady Ilena by Patricia Malone. (so not quite the first half of the alphabet, but...)


Post Apocalyptic Novel

Posted by hpcathrine on 2013.07.09 at 11:07
So I have been looking and looking for a while now but cannot find this book, or can I remember the title or author. The plot (what I remember) is about a boy who is trained to lead/maneuver troops in a computer war game. He works for one country, and they are all fighting for the last non-irradiated island in the world. There are no aliens. He spends most of his life in one room, that has holograms. At one point he wonders if there are other kids like him, lined up in rooms like his. He pounds on the walls and yells to communicate and eventually meets a girl, who becomes his teammate. As a reward for winning the war game he and his teammates can live on the last safe to inhabit island.

Any ideas guys?

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