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YA or children's book featuring a boy with a leg disability and a poor girl

Posted by teacherturner on 2014.06.26 at 14:31
X-posted from whatwasthatbook:

I read this book when I was a kid, and I have been trying to remember what it was titled for ages. It was not Freak the Mighty which is where searches usually lead me. This book might have been British, but not necessarily (at some point the young boy protagonist mentions a police officer using snuff from a snuff box and for whatever reason that struck me as British). The boy has a leg brace, and it's clear he was born with something wrong with one leg. He uses metal elbow crutches. At some point his father says something about he and the boy's mother marrying too soon and tying it into the boy's leg issue (which made no sense to the boy or the me as a young reader). The boy befriends, somewhat, a very poor young girl. She and her family don't have furniture and instead use milk crates to sit on. The girl is somewhat dirty, but at the end she and her family end up in some sort of housing--maybe government housing--and the girl talks about her bathroom being painted yellow. There was also some older gentleman in the story, but I don't remember his role. So, see, I have all of these weirdly specific memories of the book, but can't really remember much about the plot and have no idea what it was called. Any clues?

P.S. I was 13 in 1989, and I remember reading this when I was younger than that, so I am guessing the book was written sometime between the 60s and mid 80s.

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