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Native American (maybe) and part animal or animal powers I don't know...

Posted by lonelyloner27 on 2017.03.27 at 15:01
I roughly read this book about 4-5 years ago. It belongs to a series and what I do remember I'm pretty sure isn't from the first book. I believe that the character and/or characters are Native American or American Indian but I really don't know. The time zone really isn't modern and set in maybe an icy setting at least for the scene I remember. Said scene is where the main character is human with elk powers or heritage and is rowing a canoe through a body of water. With the main character is his/her longtime friend who is human with part walrus powers or heritage. The walrus friend is dying as a result (I think) to an altercation with the main antagonist. This is all I can remember. Though vague I think the elk boy may have left his tribe and his walrus friend followed him. The main antagonist threatened their tribe so the elk boy left to get help. This is loosely the story and the above scene is all I can remember. Please help. Anything at all would help. I know, I KNOW (not really) for two of the books that the covers (all around) were orange and purple, respectively.

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