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Hello all! Community Owner/Moderater/Maintainer speaking! You can call me Bob, and I'm here to help!

This community is dedicated to finding the elusive book you need. Have a plot and can't for the LIFE of you remember the title and author? Post here! I hope to get this community big enough so 90% of posts can be answered.

Here are a few rules. I apologize now, but we have to have SOME, yanno! ~_^

1. NO FLAMING OR INSULTS! This community is welcome to anyone. Race, gender, sexual orientation: if you have a problem with someone because of these things, DO NOT discuss it in the community. As much as I would like to be mentioned on the LJDrama site (don't we all? ~_^) I rather it not for these reasons.

2. Spammage and community pluggage ARE ALLOWED, but please run it by me first! I'm pretty much okay with it, like if you want to plug...say...a group for redheaded chicks. Sure, why not? We prolly have a few....I'm not one of them, but I'll allow it if you ask me nicely. If you're plugging an auction, it depends on the content. Both these things I'll most likely allow, but you MUST SHOW ME WHAT YOU ARE PLUGGING FIRST. Please respect this, otherwise I will change this rule to ban all those posts.

3.Netspeak: Please, please, PLEASE try and type coherently. I understand a few variations on words. But typing u, lyke, and such is kinda hard on the eyes, don't you think?

4. Cursing is allowed. Just try not to be mean about it. As in: DON'T CURSE AT OTHER PEOPLE! @__@

5. Not really a rule, but please try and go back to put the words "book found" in the tags after someone helps you find the book you were looking for!

That's all I can think for now. My personal LJ is apocalypticbob.

Here's a website I suggest you try and utilize. It's Google's book search and very well recommended!


Finally, a hearty thanks to sailorangei for creating this community and allowing us to keep it alive. I'll do my best to fill her shoes.